Just look at our range of our Chesterfield Sofa Beds… We’re really pleased with our range of Chesterfield style sofa beds and we’re sure there will be a style that suits you and the way you live.

The Bolton Sofa Bed

As ‘Chesterfieldery’ as they come. Classic in every way with its highly polished leather and multitude of recessed buttons. If you want a ‘full-fat’ Chesterfield style sofa bed this is the one to get. Bolton Chesterfield sofa bed

The Oxford Sofa Bed

The Oxford Chesterfield sofa bed has less buttons than the Bolton but still presents in the classic style with acres of lovely leather and look at me presence. It’s certainly is no less a Chesterfield and did we mention it’s also a bed?  Oxford Chesterfield sofa bed

The Monks Sofa Bed

This piece simply defines the word ‘imposing’. Want to make a statement? Need a night’s kip? The Monks Chesterfield sofa bed offers both with its regal higher back and deep black leather. It’s possibly the most stylish night’s sleep you may ever have. Monks Chesterfield sofa bed

The Era Sofa Bed

This style brings a more modern edge to our range. With softer back cushions and more contemporary styling it brings the Chesterfield sofa bed, and perhaps sleep itself, firmly into the modern age. It will work brilliantly in a more modern home setting. Era Chesterfield sofa bed

The Windsor Sofa Bed

With its earthy brown leather and gentler sloping arm profile this sofa offer a more laid-back, dare we say, relaxed approach to Chesterfield styling. Handy that given it’s also a bed! Windsor Chesterfield sofa bed

The Gladstone Sofa Bed

A leather Chesterfield sofa bed that is as grand as the name suggests. Despite its more curved looks this is a Chesterfield that demands attention and is as eye catching as it is comfortable (especially when it’s being used as a bed). Gladstone Chesterdfield sofa bed

The Big Brother Sofa Bed

A Chesterfield on steroids. As thoroughly modern as it is classic. A traditional Chesterfield sofa with cow hide cushions and detailing. Perhaps someone was actually sleeping on one of our Chesterfield style sofa beds when they dreamt up this amazing creation? Big Brother Chesterfield sofa bed

Sweet Dreams!

Whichever sofa bed you choose we can create them in two seater, three seater and four seater arrangements. We make all our handcrafted sofa beds to order in the traditional way at our Lancashire workshop, using only the finest quality leathers, fabrics and woods. This is what makes our Chesterfield sofa beds and bed settees an absolute dream . A beautiful and practical piece of furniture that will stand the test of time.]]>