chesterfield sofa. Cruelty, intolerance, selfishness, arrogance and a lack of compassion were there for all to see in abundance, but there was not even a sniff of a chesterfield settee. The Birlings may have been rich and respectable – well, on the face of it at least, but they obviously didn’t know their onions when it came to classic English furniture design. It only goes to show that money and taste aren’t always the most comfortable bedfellows. Still, Sunday night’s BBC dramatization got us thinking. What would Inspector Goole make of us if he dropped by expectantly? What impressions would he get of the Chesterfield Sofa Company? Well, we think he’d be secretly pleased by what he saw, and here’s why. The Chesterfield Sofa Company has been making elegant chesterfield furniture for over 35 years now in our Lancashire workshop. We’re proud of what we do and take the greatest care in always producing the highest quality furniture. By why should Inspector Goole, or you for that matter, buy a chesterfield sofa from us? Well, there are several good reasons: ten of them in fact. Here’s why you should buy your chesterfield sofa from us:

  • Price promise
We are so confident in the quality of our products and our competitive pricing structure, that if you’re lucky enough to find a chesterfield sofa of an equal quality at a cheaper price, we guarantee to beat that price. The Inspector would definitely like that.
  • We only manufacture and sell high quality chesterfield furniture
As we manufacture all our own furniture, we know exactly how they are made and what materials they have been made from. We only use the best available raw materials, and that quality shines through in our finished products.
  • Made to order
All our chesterfield furniture is made to order. We don’t have a store or warehouse, and we don’t manufacture furniture on spec. We simply make bespoke furniture to satisfy our client’s individual needs.
  • We only use best quality full-hides
All our leather chesterfield sofas are made using only the finest grade full-hides. We don’t use scraps of leather stitched together like many other chesterfield sofa manufacturers. We throw these scraps away. Using scraps, or demicks, simply leads to inconsistencies in colour, finish, texture, and most importantly of all, strength.  That just isn’t good enough for us.  
  • Our hardwood frames come with a 10 Year no-quibble warranty
Why do we only use beech wood for our sofa and furniture frames? Well, simply because beech is durable and has the best shock-absorbing and weight-bearing capabilities. What’s more we glue, screw and dowel fix our frames for added strength.
  • Bespoke chesterfield sofas
When we say bespoke, we mean bespoke in every respect of the word.  Because we only make a chesterfield sofa to order, you have the option of creating your own bespoke piece of furniture. You can choose from our selection of over 100 leathers, 2,000 fabrics and a selection of faux furs. You can also choose the filling style and its firmness, the wood stain colour and even the size – so that you can a custom-made piece of furniture to fit your living space or your physique.
  • Handmade in England
We are a British furniture manufacturer and we’re rightly proud of that. All our chesterfield furniture is made in our Lancashire workshop. If you have the fancy you can even visit the workshop and watch your furniture being mad.
  • Highly skilled craftsmanship
All our chesterfield furniture is made by our team of time-served craftsmen – our team has been making Chesterfield sofas and settees for over 35 years and, as a result, we have all the necessary experience to produce the finest pieces.
  • Worldwide delivery
We can deliver a chesterfield sofa to virtually any address on the planet. We’ve delivered our chesterfield sofas to almost every country and every continent, from England, Scotland, France, Belgium, Germany, Greece, Malta, Spain, Finland, Sweden and Austria to the United States of America, Australia, Abu Dhabi and Bahrain amongst others.
  • We go the extra mile
If you’re looking for high quality service and a top quality chesterfield sofa, then you need to come and see us. Buying a sofa is not something you do every day. It’s a big commitment, and one that needs careful thought. That’s why our team are always on hand to help you make the difficult decisions. Call us on 0161 341 0398 or email if you have any questions about our products or services, and we’ll be only too happy to help.]]>