chesterfield sofa? Well, if you’re an advertising guru at a certain Midland-based car manufacturer, the answer it seems is the new Jaguar XE. The new “good to be bad” advert claims that it’s time to get ‘more surprising, more British and more Jaguar’: it’s just a pity then that the advert only featured a rather boring looking brown buttoned leather sofa. Where was the chesterfield sofa, we ask you? If you want to bang on about being more British, then feature the most iconic piece of furniture that Britain has ever produced. Feature a lovely leather chesterfield sofa, and show the world clearly what Britain truly has to offer. The Chesterfield Sofa Company could, if it were so minded, go down the same road and splash the cash on an all-singing and all-dancing advertisement. We probably couldn’t run to getting the services of Tom Hiddleston or Nicholas Hoult, but that’s by the by. But no – we’d much rather stick with tried and trusted methods, and prefer to rely on the word of mouth recommendations of our hundreds of satisfied customers. If you truly want to know why you should buy a quality British product, then all you need to do is ask them. Why are our customers so satisfied with their chesterfield sofas? Well, that’s simple: it’s because we make top-quality British products, lovingly created by time-served craftsmen using only the finest quality materials. When you buy a fabric-covered chesterfield sofa or a leather chesterfield settee from us, we guarantee that you’re going to be buying a quality product made by Britain’s finest. If that wasn’t reason enough, we can also guarantee that you’ll be paying a competitive price for it too. So what sort of quality can you expect to get when you buy our iconic chesterfield sofa? Well, we only use the finest quality leathers: we insist on the best, so we use full hides to guarantee quality and colour consistency. Some competitors may use demicks – that’s the scraps of leather that are normally thrown away to the uninitiated. What they then do is patch up these offcuts. That practice is just unsatisfactory as far as we’re concerned. We insist on the optimum quality. The same applies to the hardwoods we use in our sofa construction. We only use the finest seasoned hardwoods in our furniture frames. Soft woods may be the cheaper option, but they aren’t as robust and they tend to warp and sag over time. That just isn’t good enough for the rigorous quality standards we set for ourselves. We know that our customers expect only the best; so that’s what we always endeavour to give them. So if you’re thinking of buying a quality British product, take our advice and buy an iconic chesterfield sofa. It’s a quality product that will last a lifetime, it’s stylish and elegant, and, best of all, it’s a damn site cheaper than buying a Jaguar. What’s more, the chances of anybody coming along and scratching are minimal, so you win twice over.  ]]>