chesterfield sofa? Maybe strawberries and cream on Centre Court, a mud fest at Glastonbury or afternoon tea at Claridge’s? Well, they all have their various merits and could rightly stake their claim to be the epitome of Britishness: yet they also come at a price – and in the case of a Pavlova at Wimbledon and a vol-au-vent from Claridge’s, that price is quite a hefty one. That’s certainly not the case with a chesterfield sofa, particularly a Chesterfield Sofa Company sofa. When you buy one of our elegant leather chesterfield sofas, you truly do get incredible value for money considering that you’re getting a handmade piece of British craftsmanship. Yet, despite this, it comes at a surprisingly affordable price. There are other fringe benefits to buying an elegant chesterfield settee from us too. Your sofa will never get wet or muddy unless for some unfathomable reason you decide to take it alfresco and, what’s more, we guarantee you won’t be treated to an unscheduled impromptu appearance from Sir Cliff. We don’t need gimmicks like that: we simply rely on quality. So why are Chesterfield Sofa Company settees and sofas so special? Well, we only use the finest quality leathers: we insist on the best, so we use full hides to guarantee quality and colour consistency. Some competitors may use demicks – that’s the scraps of leather that are normally thrown away, to the uninitiated. What they then do is patch up these offcuts. That practice is just unsatisfactory as far as we’re concerned. We insist on the optimum quality. The same applies to the hardwoods we use in our sofa construction. We only use the finest seasoned hardwoods in our furniture frames. Softwoods may be the cheaper option, but they aren’t as robust and they tend to warp and sag over time. That just isn’t good enough for the rigorous quality standards we set for ourselves. We know that our customers expect only the best; so that’s what we always endeavour to give them. So forget your choux buns and éclairs, ditch the tents and watch the tennis in comfort. You’re much better off spending your hard-earned on a quality product that lasts. If you want a top quality leather or fabric chesterfield sofa then have a look at our online showroom. When it comes to craftsmanship and value for money, Carole King nailed it: she might have been referring to James Taylor when she sang ‘nobody does it better’, but we know deep down she was probably tipping a wink to the Chesterfield Sofa Company too.]]>