Now, there’s nothing remarkable about that you might think: why wouldn’t the BBC have pictures of its star names? Well, what’s interesting about the picture isn’t the image itself; it’s more what’s in the image. Scott Mills was shot sitting on a rather fetching cream coloured traditional chesterfield sofa. Mills has never claimed to be the saviour of Radio One, like Breakfast presenter, Chris Moyles, yet in his own laid back and laconic way, he’s become the king of the station, consolidating its core audience and pulling in an increasing number of new listeners. It’s fitting therefore that the ‘King’ of Radio One should choose to have his picture taken on a chesterfield settee then. After all, the chesterfield sofa is a throne that’s truly fitting for a king. So, why would he choose this image? Why pick a chesterfield sofa? Well, I suppose if you want to know that, then you’d better ask him. All we can assume is that the chesterfield settee was chosen because it was appropriate. The cream coloured leather sofa doesn’t just sell an image, it sells a lifestyle too. Mills is seen as reliable and dependable just like the sofa, yet he’s also got a little devil in him, and likes to be daring and take broadcasting risks: hence the cream leather. Mills like to push the boundaries of radio, and has as a reward won several Sony Radio Academy Awards. He’s been voted radio personality of the year twice and has won the award for the funniest DJ on air twice too. His programme embodies all the qualities that are important in modern broadcasting; they are slick and entertaining, but always classy and stylishly presented. We will never know whether the radio DJ chose the sofa himself, or whether if was handpicked for him. What we do know is that it was the perfect choice: classy, stylish and reliable, but with a thoroughly modern and contemporary twist, just like the man himself. If you had to choose a throne fit for a broadcasting king, then you couldn’t really has chosen anything other than a traditional chesterfield sofa.]]>