The Modfather, the suit and the Chesterfield Tub chair

Chesterfield Sofa

Every generation has its music icons. People growing up in the 60s and 70s were truly spoilt for choice. You could take your pick, depending upon your particular taste: the Beatles, the Stones, the Kinks, Led Zeppelin, Genesis, Yes, the Clash or the Pistols. The 80s generation, however, wasn’t quite so lucky. The decade unfortunately will probably be best remembered for conspicuous excess and shallowness, rather than the quality of its popular music. Fortunately two rising stars shone brightly: Paul Weller and Morrissey. They had that extra factor, and it’s a testament to their talent that they still retain this enduring appeal. It’s rare that you get the chance to see an icon on stage or on screen. It’s even rarer that you get to see two appearing together on the same stage. Well, you can now. Paul Weller has appeared on YouTube with another famous icon: before you get to excited I should point out that it’s not Bruce Foxton. No, the Jam aren’t reforming, so apologies for that. Weller has appeared on the social platform with one of the most iconic items there is: a traditional Chesterfield tub chair. Two icons, one stage: now that is exciting, isn’t it?

So what’s all the fuss about then? Has Paul Weller branched out into furniture design and come up with a new take on the classic Chesterfield sofa? Well, actually no, not quite. Weller makes an appearance to promote his classic capsule clothing collection for Liam Gallagher’s bespoke clothing label Pretty Green. Sat on a handsome leather chesterfield tub chair, Weller shows off his 60s and 70s- inspired classic-cut clothing collection. Obviously the Modfather has another talent to brag about, other than his musical ability. The sharp tailored pinstripe suits and fitted shirts certainly evoke the spirit of the era where the Who and the Vespa scooter ruled. They’re not cheap by any standards, but you get what you pay for I guess. If you’re looking for quality and enduring appeal, then you know it’s going to cost. Maybe that’s why the former Style Council front man and song writer chose the Chesterfield tub chair. After all, few could ever question the quality or enduring appeal of chesterfield furniture, could they? They’ve been around for centuries and are as popular now as they’ve ever been.

The only thing that might be open to question is this matter of cost. Yes the Pretty Green suits and clothes are expensive, but you can’t necessarily say that about chesterfield furniture. Chesterfield sofas and chairs are relatively inexpensive by comparison. For the price of a couple of Paul Weller pinstripe suits, you can buy your own piece of furniture history. The good news is the chesterfield sofa will probably outlive the suit, and better still it’s something that can be shared with the rest of the family. So, if you’re thinking of buying a new sofa or chair in the near future, why not think about it now. This is the modern world after all. If a chesterfield chair is good enough for the Modfather of Soul, then surely it’s good enough for you too. Why not have a look at our website www. and you’ll see what we mean. Like the Modfather, we too will make you an offer you can’t refuse.