The green, green grass of Chesterfield sofas

Chesterfield Sofa

It’s summer time apparently, though you’d never guess it as you look out at the pouring rain and drab grey skies. But according to the weather forecasters it is summer, so we’ll just have to make the most of what we’re given. When you think of summer, you think of barbeques, garden parties and lazy afternoons. If you’re more of a sporting type you might think about Wimbledon or the sound of leather on willow at your local cricket club. Summer evokes all sorts of associations and memories. What you’d probably never associate the summer solstice with is a Chesterfield sofa, or more specifically a grass-covered Chesterfield sofa. Well, now you can.

Grass covered chesterfield sofa
picture credit - Event Prop Hire -

Yes you can now hire an authentic outdoor Chesterfield settee for your next barbeque or family get- together. The sofa was created by a firm called Event Prop Hire, a company which specialises in delivering the ‘unusual’ for all your outdoor events. Well, they certainly delivered on that promise. It’s constructed in the traditional way, with a sprung wooden frame. The only thing that sets this particular sofa apart from the rest is that it’s completely upholstered in luxury artificial grass. Well, let’s face it, Astro Turf’s worked for football pitches, why not furniture? Naturally the other standard features you might expect to see on a Chesterfield sofa or any other piece of Chesterfield furniture, like buttoned backs and studding, are notable by their absence. But you can’t have it all I guess.

So, if you’ve got a family do planned in the next few weeks and a big enough garden to hold it in, you might consider hiring the this Chesterfield settee. It’ll certainly get the neighbours talking, that’s for sure. If you’re feeling flush enough, you can even hire a few other choice pieces to complement the ‘natural’ look, like grass covered single seat cubes, a grass covered coffee table and a bar – grass covered of course. It’s often said that the Chesterfield sofa is ubiquitous, but I bet the designers never saw his one coming – a green sofa, for a green age, and what’s best, it’s allergy free.