chesterfield sofa: the doyen of English furniture design, and something we should all as a nation be truly proud of. Given how much of a kicking our national pride has taken over the last week, it’s good to know we can find some comfort somewhere. England just doesn’t seem to perform well on the sporting field. Who could draw any comfort from England’s capitulation at Twickenham at the weekend, other than the boys from the valleys or those with strong antipodean sensibilities?  The pride of the Premier League fared no better, losing meekly to teams who they should normally have beaten easily. English teams it seems are very good at talking the talk, but generally fail to walk the walk when they cross the whitewash. Still, you have to look on the bright side. England may not cut the mustard on our green and pleasant playing fields, but English craftsmanship is still at the vanguard of furniture design and manufacture. Three cheers for the chesterfield sofa. So what makes the chesterfield sofa so quintessentially English? Why should we be so proud of this classic sofa? Well, the chesterfield sofa encapsulates everything that is truly great about England: tradition, craftsmanship, reliability and quality. They’re tough and resilient and transcend fashion trends. The true beauty of a traditional chesterfield settee, however, is that it is infinitely versatile. Think of a chesterfield sofa as a modern-day chameleon. They can blend in with any decorative scheme, whether that’s contemporary or traditional. They have the history, pedigree and classic lines traditionalists demand, but look equally good in a modern setting, regardless of how minimal or industrial that setting might be. But perhaps the greatest quality of the chesterfield sofa above all others is that it always delivers, day in day out. It’s just a shame the same can’t be said about our sporting teams.    ]]>