1.    Which well-known actress in a modern soap opera set ‘Oop north’ has bought a Chesterfield sofa for the property she shares with former Hollyoaks’ actor, Jamie Lomas?  If it helps, she was one of the founding members of the pop group Hearsay. 2.    Which A list Hollywood actor has a number of traditional Chesterfield sofas in his holiday villa in the Italian lakes?  By the way he’s got ‘oceans’ of money. 3.    Which American pop star diva and “rich girl” who’s married to Gavin Rossdale, singer and front man of the rock group Bush, is proud to have a Chesterfield sofa in her home? 4.    Which 60s fashion icon will always be associated with both Carnaby Street and the Chesterfield sofa? 5.    Which former ‘Knight Rider’ and lifeguard loves his Chesterfield settee with a passion? Perhaps he’s got the ‘X’ factor? 6.    Which unlikely couple have a white traditional Chesterfield sofa in the kitchen of the house they share in London? That’s not ‘unlikely’ because they’re a couple, more ‘unlikely’ because the choice seems so out of character. He’s an outrageous, wild-haired stand-up comedian who’s had his brushes with the BBC and she’s the outspoken former wild child of modern pop/ rock: apparently she kissed a girl before becoming an adopted West Ham fan. 7.    Which self-declared ‘militant feminist’ writer and journalist unexpectedly has a masculine Chesterfield sofa in her home? By the way she was briefly married to author Tony Parsons. If you’ve managed to guess the answers or work them out, then well done. If not, here they are. 1.    Kym Marsh, 2.    George Clooney, 3.    Gwen Stefani, 4.    Twiggy, 5.    David Hasselhof, 6.    Russell Brand and Katy Perry, 7.    Julie Burchill.]]>