Now that may surprise you, well initially at least, but when you really sit down and think about it the two have far more in common than you might think. Both are traditionally made by craftsmen using the finest leathers and materials, and both are revered brands that are steeped in quality and history. The chesterfield sofa is the super car of the sofa world, and though many may try to imitate it, it really has no rival. The Performance Car Show featured some of the world’s finest and most expensive super cars –with models from BMW, Audi, McLaren, Ferrari, Nissan, Porsche, Jaguar, Lamborghini, BAC Mono and Lexus on display. Admittedly perfection comes at a price, but if you’ve got that type of money, then why not. These cars will certainly get you form A to B at a superfast speed, but you could never really say they would be suitable for your everyday transport needs. Take the low-slung Lamborghini Gallardo for instance: sleek and stylish and frighteningly powerful, but show it a speed bump, and you’d be in trouble. It’s the same with all these supercars. We’re instantly envious of anyone lucky or rich enough to own one of these beauties, but would we ever buy one ourselves if we had the money? The answer’s probably not, as at heart they’re impractical and not particularly fit for our purpose. Yes Porsches look great, but if you’ve got a family then they’re no use.  Now chesterfield sofas, on the other hand, are infinitely practical. They’re capable of doing a job effectively, but will also give you style and panache you crave. So, if you’ve got some ‘loose change’ hanging around, what would you rather spend your money on? A dream car that will probably get scratched or damaged by envious people as soon as you venture on to the road, or the Rolls Royce of sofas? We think most sensible people would choose the latter. The traditional chesterfield sofa is a British style classic: comfortable, sumptuous, elegant, luxurious, practical and durable. Because it’s handmade by craftsmen using age old techniques and the finest materials, it will last for generations, and only look better the older it gets. It’s the ultimate classic sofa and is the envy of all other sofas worldwide. The best part is it’s also extremely good value for money. We’re not sure you could ever say that about a super car. Ferrari and Lamborghini models will come and go, but the traditional classic chesterfield sofa will remain and continue to satisfy for years to come.]]>