We are continuing with our theme of British traditions in this blog. We don’t make enough time to celebrate the great things that can only have been made in Britain. We need to change that. So, if you enjoyed our Wimbledon article then prepare to get all misty eyed over another fantastic British tradition. Sit back and prepare yourself for another big dollop of patriotic celebration. We use the words high octane, adrenaline fuelled or high-speed-rush far too often in sport. Sometimes in relation to sports like darts and snooker. That’s just wrong. However, for the British Grand Prix at Silverstone these words are absolutely right.

British heroes all…

This annual spectacle is a now firmly established as a British tradition. It’s one of the most exciting on the sporting calendar. A sport that has provided us with many British champions. Drivers like Graham Hill, Jackie Stewart, James Hunt and Stirling Moss. Sportsmen all with reputations made in Britain, their names have passed into legend. They represent the finest of what we can produce in the UK. The best-engineered cars in the world with drivers to match. Very much like our Chesterfield sofas, they show what it’s like perform at the highest levels, offering us joy and pride in what we can achieve here in our fair isles. Even today, British drivers are achieving greatness. Jensen Button, Nigel Mansell, Damon Hill and the imperious Lewis Hamilton. All have sprayed champagne into a cheering crowd resplendent in their championship laurels.

An iconic motor racing venue

The inaugural Formula One Championship race was held at Silverstone in 1950. Like many racing circuits, it started life as an aerodrome. With the conversion of the runways, it became the iconic racetrack we know today. Italian Giuseppe Farina won in that first year in his sublime Alfa Romeo. The circuit and facilities have been upgraded over the years to improve the experience for drivers, pit crew and spectators. It’s now the only place the British Grand Prix should be held. It’s as traditional as ravens at The Tower or the Rock of Gibraltar Seventy years later, the Formula One Championships have evolved into a billion-dollar industry. F1 races are now staged all over the world of course. But for us in Britain the Grand Prix at Silverstone holds a very special place. It’s a British tradition we can all look forward to every July. Especially if a Brit reigns supreme.

Ready, steady, sit…

We hope you’re sitting comfortably on your Chesterfield sofa this year pumping your fists as you watch the cars scream down the straight between Woodcote and Copse. Let’s hope a British driver rounds Club Corner to take the chequered flag in 2017. Hoorah! If you want to enjoy next year’s Silverstone from a traditional Chesterfield sofa then give us a call. It’s another great product, made in Britain, by passionate craftsmen. Just like the engineers who are the unsung heroes of Formula One. Contact us today to place your order. We’ll start our engines running and get your sofa to you faster than a racing car (well almost)!]]>