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Owing to high demand for swatch samples we are limiting each enquiry to a maximum of four sample choices. We will only send the first four choices made.

Birch Antique Leathers

The two-tone finish provides a classic appearance. Birch Antique is a fine corrected grain leather with an antique top coat. After the furniture has been upholstered this top coat is 'rubbed off' in areas to reveal the lighter colour beneath, thus giving an aged appearance.

Reno FR Velvets

A really, really soft velvet. Underneath Reno’s luxurious, super soft touch lies an upholstery velvet with high performance durability, easy care and certified fire retardant to BS 7176 Medium Hazard, as well as meeting IMO and other European, US and worldwide standards.

Selvaggio Leathers (20% surcharge)

A natural Pull Up aniline leather with a soft waxy feel which allows the sauvage look to mature with time. Oils and waxes have been applied to the surface to allow the hide character to show through.

Rimini Leathers (20% surcharge)

A natural half grain aniline leather with a slight pull up characteristic, the leather when stretched lightens to the hide dye colour beneath giving a pleasant contrast of shades.

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