Stella Artois ‘Reassuringly Expensive’ which ran from 1982 to 2007. The adverts themselves started to appear on TV in 1991 (Yes, that long ago!) The idea behind it of course, was that Stella was priced much higher than any other beer and so in order to attempt to justify the elevated price it was advertised as being ‘cool’ to be expensive. There was an implied sense of Top Quality to the product by virtue of the price being higher than competitor beers. It is no longer true that Stella is more expensive than other beers but the perception of quality and the ‘reassuringly expensive’ still surrounds the brand. You may wonder why we, The Chesterfield Sofa Company, would be talking about the price of beer, well we do like a pint as much as the next guy but the real reason is that the Stella story resonates with Chesterfields. Chesterfield sofas and chairs have long been seen as the furniture of choice by the upper classes. Look at any of the quality truly ‘English’ hotels such as The Goring, made famous by being the temporary residence of  Kate Middleton’s family in London over the Royal Wedding in 2011, their interior designers having habitually opted to use Chesterfields as luxury seating within their reception areas. A firm leather Chesterfield sofa or chair is quintessentially British.… and expensive, reassuringly expensive in fact. In truth, this no longer needs to be the case. You will never get a ‘cheap’ Chesterfield from us at The Chesterfield Sofa Company but you will get an inexpensive QUALITY, hand-crafted and – if you want – bespoke sofa or chair that will live with you and improve with age. If on the other hand you want to boast to your friends how much you paid for your expensive, new, bespoke furniture then you can pay significantly more from other companies if you like but ….. buy from us, spend less and we won’t tell if you don’t!]]>