Real Leather Characteristics

Real leather is an ideal choice for furniture. It brings prestige to any interior and has its own special feel and aroma.

  • It is soft and luxurious, making it an ideal choice for furniture.
  • It breathes for comfort and ventilates to adjust to the environment. Leather is constantly adjusting to its environment. It is cool to the touch but will adjust to your body temperature within 10 – 15 seconds. Your furniture will not be hot and sticky.
  • Leather furniture outlasts fabric and unlike fabric leather improves with age if looked after properly. It mellows gracefully.
  • Leather is a very practical material and requires very little maintenance to keep it supple, clean and comfortable. Stains caused by food or drink can be removed from finished leathers with ease. Many spills quickly bead up and can be absorbed or wiped away.
  • Leather is dust free making it ideal for sufferers of asthma and other allergies. Allergy experts recommend leather furniture for its ability to resist dust collection and can be easily wiped clean.


Hallmarks of Natural Leather

Living animals are exposed to various types of influence from the environment. Natural leather proudly bears the hallmarks of its origin. These individual characteristics and marks have been accumulated over the years.

They are not weakening defects and will not shorten the life of the leather. They are in fact considered to enhance its appearance distinguishing natural leather from imitations.

The illustrations below show some of the natural features found in leather.

Colour variation 

Colour Variation - Real Leather

Brand marks

Brand Mark - Real Leather

Fat wrinkles

Fat Wrinkles - Real Leather

Healed scar

Healed Scar - Real Leather

Insect bite

Insect Bite - Real Leather