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We manufacture the finest quality, luxury, designer Sofas from our traditional workshop in the heartland of Lancashire, England. Our master-craftsmen spend years perfecting the art of manufacturing arguably the worlds most luxurious leather furniture that can be found in Royal Households, Embassies, the homes of leading dignitaries, aristocrats and purveyors of excellence.

We do not do volume, we do bespoke, made-to-order, traditional English furniture perfection.

Imagine how you will feel to take delivery of your very own bespoke designer furniture in the colour and finish of your choice.

That’s right, your Chesterfield will be unique to your home and like no other. Gone are the days of mass-produced volume furniture that can be found in almost every other home. We deliver the furniture of your dreams and make them a reality in just 2 weeks.

Innovate, don’t imitate; you’ll be so proud to say you did.

Our team will work with you to understand your colour scheme requirements and the exact finish and feel you are seeking and then bring your furniture dreams to life! We deliver your furniture perfection in just two weeks.

Let’s face facts, there really is something incredibly luxurious about a comfy designer Chesterfield Sofa, and then there’s something even more special about your very own creation.

Call our friendly team on 0800 035 9889 or 0161 341 0398 to discuss the sofa of your dreams.

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