the perfect tub chair

With a Chesterfield tub chair, you’ll get a piece of furniture has tons more impact than its compact size suggests. To help you out here’s our guide to buying the perfect tub chair. When you’re finished, you’ll wonder how you lived so long without having one of these fantastic seats in your life.

For A Smaller Home

If you live in a wee dwelling but need extra seating for when family and friends visit, a tub chair is ideal. A Chesterfield tub chair will sit discreetly out of the way until needed. Its tiny profile won’t hog huge swathes of your room. When you need an extra chair, there it is. A tub chair is always a comfortable and smart option ready to welcome guests and offer extra luxurious seating. And when everyone’s gone, you can tuck it away ready for the next time your home fills up with folk.

Dining In Style

Tub chairs make amazing seats for dining. Surrounding a sizeable traditional table, a set of luxurious leather tub chairs will make any dinner party an extraordinary affair. These chairs are high enough to make dining easy and yet offer yielding support for when diners need to relax after a good meal. Suffice to say, using tub chairs like our Canterbury or Sussex styles as part of your dinner parties will elevate your culinary events to an entirely new level.

In The Bedroom

Often getting a comfortable chair into the bedroom can be a bit of a pain. Most are just too big for the average boudoir. Not so the tub chair. Its rounded back profile tucks neatly into corners or against wardrobes and furniture staying usefully out of the way. That’s why a tub chair is a perfect place to chuck your day clothes as you retire for the night. You’ll soon be in your jimjams ready for a lovely night’s kip.

A Welcome In The Hallway

Hallways are notoriously tricky to furnish. They’re usually too small to fit anything functional. Happily, a tub chair will fit neatly into even the most modest of thresholds. And how useful they are. No more hopping on one foot as you try to get your boots off without getting mud everywhere. There’ll be no need to sit on the stairs as you lace up your brogues. What could be better? Just sit in your handy tub chair to deal with your footwear without the risk of a painful face plant in the hallway carpet.

Slip Into A Tub

It matters not if you have a funky open plan apartment or an old-style semi. Whether you live in an imposing Victorian villa or a thatched cottage, we have a tub chair for you. At the Chesterfield Sofa Company, we can make you a Chesterfield tub chair in glossy leather. Great, if you like to keep things traditional. For those with modern tastes why not have your tub chairs made in an enlivening funky fabric. The options are endless. We really do have you covered. Why not call our team today on 0800 035 9889 to make your order. Soon you’ll be easing into your beautiful new tub chairs wondering how you ever did without them in your life. PS. It was great to see George Clark recently extolling the many virtues of a Chesterfield sofa in his new series, George Clarke’s Old House, New Home. Well done George, you’re obviously a man of impeccable taste, and you can be our friend!