Well, here’s another iconic brand that is much more worthy of our respect – the chesterfield sofa. It pre-dates the Tube by a century or so, and is equally respected around the world for its style, its quality and its longevity. Where it differs significantly from the Tube is in its appeal. Catching a Tube is a bit of a drudge most of the time: people are busy rushing to and from work and packed in like sardines in a tin. In truth most of them wouldn’t necessarily choose to be there, but because of contractual obligations and the need to earn a crust, they have to be. Chesterfield sofas, on the other hand, grow in appeal year on year. They’re now far more popular now than they’ve ever been. There was a time not that long ago when the only places you were ever likely to see a leather chesterfield sofa was in Gentleman’s Clubs and Institutions. How times have changed. Chesterfield sofas are now ubiquitous. They’re the focal point of many a living room, and can be seen in pubs, clubs, restaurants and hotels throughout the world. The reason for this is quite simple – they’re a sight to behold and a joy to own. So the next time you’re down in the Big Smoke, then by all means doff your cap to the London Underground. It’s served the capital well for a century and a half. But bear in mind that it still has a way to go to equal the reputation of the iconic chesterfield sofa. For class, elegance, sophistication and resilience the chesterfield sofa is peerless. So respect where respect is due, but never ‘mind the gap’ – simply feel the quality.]]>