chesterfield sofa, what qualities should you be looking for? Well, as far as we’re concerned that question is simple. Forget Kirsty and Phil’s ‘location, location, location’ mantra: what you need to be looking for is the Chesterfield Sofa Company mantra – ‘quality, craftsmanship and robustness’. They might know a thing or two about houses, but when it comes to chesterfield sofas we know best. But how can you guarantee that you’ll get all of those qualities when you shop for your perfect chesterfield sofa? Well, that’s simple too. You should buy from a reputable source with a proven reputation, and you should buy British. Why buy British? Well, although there are no guarantees or certainties in life, when you see the tag ‘made in Britain’ you generally know that the product you’re buying is a quality one: one which has been made with greatest care and attention to detail. What’s more, when you buy British you’re supporting local jobs and local industries, and for that you deserve a pat on the back. It’s this the sort of commitment to quality and attention to detail that the Chesterfield Sofa Company puts into every leather chesterfield sofa and chesterfield chair we build at our Lancashire workshop. We use only the finest quality materials, like seasoned timbers and full-hide superior leathers, and then team this with traditional, time-served British craftsmanship. We continue this attention to detail throughout the construction process and even hand-nail every stud to guarantee quality assurance. We care deeply about the quality of the final product we create, because we know that’s exactly what our discerning customers demand. When a product is made by the Chesterfield Sofa Company you know you can trust it. You know it will deliver and do exactly what it promises to do, because we make sure that every one of our ‘made in Britain’ traditional chesterfield sofas and settees are manufactured to the highest possible standards. Our time-served craftsmen produce visually stunning and timeless chesterfield sofas and settees that will last for generations and only improve with age. We’ve set our benchmark to such an incredibly high standard that we doubt any of our regional competitors could match us in terms of quality. Yet in spite of such quality, we’re still able to offer our customers the very best competitive prices. How we achieve this is simple. We sell direct to the public, so there are no middle men. We manufacture all our products and sell direct to our customers so you won’t be paying out-of-town inflated retail prices: just a competitive price for a quality product. What’s more, if you manage to find another chesterfield sofa of a comparable quality cheaper, we’ll beat that price. We guarantee that. How can we make such a guarantee? Well, because we’re pretty confident that you won’t be able to find one. So if you’re thinking about buying a new chesterfield sofa, our advice is simple: buy British and buy from a trusted and respected source.]]>