Now that the festive season is a distant memory and the New Year is in full swing, our thoughts will naturally turn to how we can make changes to our surroundings. Alterations that will lighten our mood and refresh the way we live. Often this will involve changing our homes and high on the upgrade list will be updating our living room colour. However, before you jump into your overalls, dust off the paintbrushes and start sploshing the emulsion around, pause for a moment. This is the time to think about the mood that you want to create as this has an important influence on your choice of living room colour. Those in the know understand that your living room colour has a direct effect on your mood so you should carefully choose the colours that suit you and your lifestyle. So have a look at our guide, it’s designed to help you to create a room that gladdens your heart as opposed to giving you a migraine after five minutes.

An active and fresh mood

If you are the get-up-and-go type then you will want a living room colour that promotes activity, energy and flair. You may go for a mid-red as it gets the juices flowing and is highly stimulating when used judiciously. The same is true for violet, purple or pink as these will give an optimistic upbeat feel to any living space. Just don’t go over the top as too much of any of these living room colours may feel oppressive. So go easy! mint swatch

A quiet and tranquil haven

If you need a haven, a place to unwind and let the cares of the day slip away, then you should choose soothing shades like mint green, lighter blues such as periwinkle or for the more daring maybe a lilac. These used as a living room colour will promote relaxation, tranquillity and calm. If there is a downside to these shades it’s if they are used too liberally they can make a room feel a little cold so, again, go easy and ensure there are plenty of plush furnishings, ornaments and warm lighting to take the chill off.

Cosy and warm cocoon

Use of earthy tones as a living room colour is the perfect way to create a soothing, cosy cocoon for you to snuggle down all lovely and comfortable on the Chesterfield. If this is right up your Hygge then opt for chestnut browns, earthy terracotta, burnt umber or subtle mushroom beiges to create your nest Contrast your scheme with low-key lighting, natural fabrics and crafty accessories and you’ll soon have a room that’s like sliding into a warm bubble bath every time you settle down for a relaxing evening. earth tones swatch  

A creative and thought provoking space

If you’re highly creative you may choose a different path opting for acidic blues or lurid greens as your living room colour. This obviously means throwing caution to the wind and creating a unique living space that is as individual as you are and to hell with what others think. A good compromise here would be to use a tone of orange which would be just as striking but easier to live with and offer a cool seventies vibe to the room especially if you have retro furniture you want to display at its very best

Good old middle of the road

If any of the above ideas make you wince a little then you’re probably a middle of the road type. Don’t worry, there’s nothing wrong with you it’s just likely that a neutral living room colour scheme will suit your mood best. If this is you, then choose dependable old white or a light grey perhaps with the odd black accent to create a blank canvas you can individualise with your furnishings and knick-knacks. Whilst not the most exiting choice it is actually the most versatile as it allows you to change the mood of your living room as often as you like.

A Chesterfield for any mood

We hope this has given you some ideas and the inspiration to create a mood-enhancing makeover that works for you, whatever your tastes. And no matter which living room colour you choose don’t forget we can create beautiful Chesterfield furniture in a leather or fabric to suit your room design. We hope you’ll consider our fantastic range of furniture as part of your New Year changes. Now where’s that paintbrush?]]>