Living in a box with a Chesterfield Sofa

Chesterfield Sofa

Camping’s an odd sort of pastime isn’t it? It’s the type of activity that polarises opinion. For some people it’s a truly liberating experience where you can escape the trials and tribulations of everyday life, and be at one with nature: no television or luxuries, just the thrill of spending time in the great outdoors. Others see it as the lowest of the low: for them camping simply summons up images of damp canvas, muddy wellies and a cloud of midges. They’d argue that, far from being liberating, it’s actually uncivilised, and the type of thing you only do when you can’t afford to do anything better. Well, what if you could have your cake and ha’penny? What if you could live the camping dream, and still have all of life’s little luxuries at your finger tips? Well, you can. All of this can be yours, and by, all I mean all. Yes, luxury camping – complete with an antique Chesterfield sofa and nearly all mod cons. And the draw back is? Well, that’s the sticky point. Let’s just say you’d better not be afraid of splashing the cash.

If you fancy a weekend living the outdoor high life, then you can book yourself a break at Wilderness Wood in Sussex. You’ll be able to stay in a renovated luxury horse box that will leave you wanting for nothing. Yes, it’s in a field, though separated from other lesser campers by discreet fencing, so you’ll still be able to feel that you really are truly at one with nature. Well, almost. The reclaimed oak flooring and antique red leather traditional Chesterfield sofa does kind of elevate it above your normal country-camping experience. It’s not all plain sailing though: you might still have to rough it a little, though even this is relative. The beds are elevated, so you’ll need to be fit and able to climb up several feet when you want a kip, and if you fancy a tea or a coffee, then you’ll have to boil the water on the fire. Still, these are merely trifles: once you’ve got your cup of tea at least you can sit back on that comfortable Chesterfield settee and watch the world go by. That’s civilised enough, surely?

So, what’s the price then? Well, put it this way: for the price of 4 nights in the horsebox in deepest Sussex, you could buy yourself your own leather Chesterfield sofa and still have enough change left for a couple of night’s camping in the type of tent you’re probably more accustomed to. I don’t know about you, but I’d rather have my own Chesterfield sofa than borrow someone else’s for a couple of nights.