Leather Chesterfield Office Chairs

The ideal way to dress your office to impress is with a sophisticated leather Chesterfield office chair.These luxury leather office chairs are designed for function and comfort to ensure that whatever you’re working on, you can be seated in style.

Designs like the classic Chesterfield Captain’s Chair has been a regular feature in offices for centuries and is still as elegant and fashionable today, as it was back then. If you want added comfort and back support, then the Gainsborough office chair with its higher back is the perfect choice. Like the Captain Chesterfield office chair, it will bring sophistication, comfort and a traditional design to any desk.

With all our Chesterfield office chairs, you can opt for a traditional standing or swivel and tilt action with adjustable height for added ease and comfort at your desk, making everything easy to reach.

We design and manufacture all our Chesterfield office chairs at our Lancashire workshop. Each piece of furniture that has been skilfully hand-crafted by our time served craftsmen.

If you don’t find what you need from our range of Chesterfield office chairs, then we will happily create a custom-built chair to meet your exact specifications and requirements.

Check out our complete range of Chesterfield office chairs now.

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