How To Measure Your Home For A New Sofa

How To Measure Your Home New Sofa V2

Fans of the sitcom Friends will remember the episode where a hapless Ross is desperately trying to get his new sofa up some stairs to his new apartment. No matter how often he shouts the word ‘pivot!’; ‘pivot!’ it is clear it’s not going to fit. Eventually, his exasperated friends give up and walk off the job. Ross has no choice but to return what remains of the sofa to the store.

It’s a classic episode of this ever-popular show. It’s also a cautionary tale. It reminds us that you need to measure accurately before you order your new Chesterfield.

So, in this blog, we’re going to give you all the information you need to measure your home for a sofa delivery. We’d hate for you to have a similar experience to Ross and find yourself shouting ‘pivot’ as you anxiously try to get your spanking new Chesterfield into your home.

OK, get your tape measure out and let’s make that sofa fit!

Get The Measure Of The Sofa

First things first. You need to know how big the sofa is. Sounds simple but there’s more to it than meets the eye. You’ll need to get all the measurements, height, width, depth and length. Then there’s the diagonal depth. This is the length from the top of the backrest to the bottom front. This is useful if the sofa does indeed need to ‘pivot’ on its way into your home. Good manufacturers will be able to supply this information easily so ring up and ask.

First Footings

When you measure your home for a sofa, start with the front door. Obvious huh! Does the door open without obstructions that can’t be moved? Is the distance across the door greater than the width of the sofa? If so, the sofa should fit. If not, is the height of the door more than the length of the sofa? Yes? Then the sofa should go in on its end.

Also, check there’s good wiggle room in your hallway or lobby. If your tape measure is confirming all this then at least the sofa will get into your home. But there’s still a long way to your living room so read on.

The Onward Journey

On its quest to be ‘pride of place’ in your living room, your new Chesterfield will encounter a few obstacles. It may need to fit through internal doors, past radiators and shelves or around other pieces of furniture. Knowing this, you should carefully check the journey the sofa is going to make. Measure each step and compare it to the sofa’s dimensions. Work out what you may need to move. If you’re getting the green light from your tape measure then maybe the sofa’s quest should be successful.

Measure Up

Does your sofa need to go up some stairs? This has been the undoing of many a sofa delivery, so it’s time to concentrate. When you measure your home for a sofa, the stairs will be a challenge. The trick here is to think in three dimensions. Measure the width of the stairs. Also, check the size of the landings and the ceiling and banister heights in case the sofa needs to go up vertically. Always refer back to the sofa measurements. While delivery staff are strong and experienced, they can’t break the laws of physics so work hard to get this right. Don’t trust your luck as you may be disappointed.

Give Them A Lift

Delivery teams love lifts. It makes their job so much easier. Well, most of the time. As you measure your home for a sofa, ensure that includes the lift where required. This should be quite easy as they’re usually a simple shape to measure but do make sure that you check the doorway and the diagonal measurement too. You may have to go up and down a few times as you work but it’s a crucial job, so see it as one of life’s ups and downs!

Is There Room?

The final check is to ensure it’ll fit into your room. Imagine bringing a sofa all the way into your home and then finding it won’t go where you want it. Perhaps worse, is that it just looks wrong. Too large or small for the room. A good idea is to lay out a tape template to see the place it’ll occupy and if it works for you. That way you’ll know if you’ve made a good choice. And, indeed, you’ll be able to pick another Chesterfield design if it doesn’t look right.

Measure Twice

If at any stage your tape measure says ‘definitely not’ then you may need to choose another sofa. Don’t worry though. At the Chesterfield Sofa Company, we have many fabulous Chesterfield sofas you can choose from. There’s sure to be one that measures up. A sofa that’ll fit effortlessly into your home and your life. Better to make the right checks beforehand than have the bitter disappointment of a failed delivery. Not to mention the slightly annoyed delivery staff you may have to contend with.

It’s Worth The Effort

It may seem a lot of effort to measure your home, but it’ll be worth it in the end. A trouble-free delivery means your fantastic new Chesterfield will soon be in your home and giving you joy. And once it’s there, it’ll provide years of comfort and respite.

Call the Chesterfield Sofa Company team today on 0800 035 9889. We’re happy to provide any advice about your Chesterfield sofa and especially how to make your delivery an uneventful one!

Published: 12/09/18

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