Did you know there are very few animals that partner for life? Penguins do, as do Sea Horses and Prairie Voles. It’s kinda cute really. Cuddly animals who choose a mate and stay with them forever. Ahhhh, makes us feel all gooey inside! Whilst it’s not necessarily the same for humans, there are some other kinds of partnership that have the potential to last a very long time. Not surprisingly, we’re talking about sofas. As the world changes around us and we’re blown on the winds of chance and serendipity, it’s important to have rock-like things in our life that we can depend on time and time again. That’s exactly what a good leather sofa offers: stability, comfort, respite and consistency. When you think of all the time you’ll spend on your sofa watching TV, chatting on the phone, eating snacks and socialising then choosing your sofa for life is one of the most important decisions you’ll make. So on that profound thought, here are our ideas to help you create a match made in heaven, sofa-wise that is…  

Made to last

It’s obvious really, a sofa for life has to last, well, a lifetime. As such, it needs to be very well made of durable and pleasing materials. So ensure you know: how the frame is constructed, the durability of the leather or fabric, what it’s filled with and how to care for it to ensure longevity. For more information, have a look at our ‘why buy from us’ page and you’ll soon feel reassured that your Chesterfield sofa for life is going to be just that…  

Take a Seat

A sofa is something you need to try. You should sit on it, lie on it, drape your legs over the back and see the world from upside down. You need to caress the arms and back, sip a cup of tea and read a book. Do everything you can in the showroom (without being asked to leave) to demonstrate your sofa for life will satisfy you in every way. It’s a sensuous process and an important one. Let’s call it a first date for you and your sofa. Get this part right and you’re on the way to a lifetime of sofa comfort. At the Chesterfield Sofa Company we pride ourselves on the exceptional build-quality of our furniture and if you want to stop by to give any of our pieces a trial run then please do. We’ll put the kettle on!  

Substance over style

Do you still wear those flares you had in the seventies? What about those dayglow leg warmers from the eighties? Most will say no, we assume. That’s why you should buy a leather sofa that’s timeless. A classic style that won’t go out of fashion. One that looked just as good fifty years ago, as it will fifty years from now. So trust your instincts and buy something that is versatile in any environment with a style, colour and material that will blend in easily as you change your décor. Get this right and it really will be a sofa for life. Did someone just say ‘a Chesterfield?’ Good choice!  

Happily ever after

Some life choices are important. They will leave a lasting impression and affect the way you live for many years. Maybe you didn’t think about a sofa in that way but with our guide, we hope you understand that you should take your relationship with your sofa (almost) as seriously as any other in your world. So now, we sincerely hope you’re sure that choosing a Chesterfield sofa for life may be one of the best decisions you ever take. May we now pronounce you owner and sofa?]]>

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