A Chesterfield sofa starts with a frame built by our craftsmen, using only the finest, seasoned beech or sycamore. We insist on hardwoods because they will not warp or twist and they are long-lasting. Our frames are all dowelled, glued and screwed together. Each Chesterfield sofa frame has to pass stringent tests and quality control checks to ensure that piece is of the highest quality. They all come with minimum 10 year guarantees. Once approved, the Chesterfield frame is hand-polished and left to harden for 48 hours in a specially controlled environment in our workshop. The frame is then taken to our padding section where it begins to take on the traditional Chesterfield sofa shape. Most of our sofas are manufactured with serpentine seat springs, but for some models we use an ‘elastobelt’ system, which is a series interlocking, criss-crossed strips of elasticated webbing. We can, of course, build our sofas to the specific requirements of our customers, and can install coiled spring units in our Chesterfield frames, but these do come at an extra cost. Perhaps the most important stage in the building of a Chesterfield sofa is the covering, whether that be fabric or leather. Our fabrics are always top quality and designed to last a lifetime. Similarly, our leather coverings are only taken from fine grain, hand-selected full hide leathers. We will never use off-cuts, or demicks, because these will not last and will never guarantee the quality or integrity of the product we strive to create. Finally your Chesterfield sofa is finished with the application of the traditional buttons associated with the classic style. All our buttons are applied by hand and hand-stitched. The same traditional methods are used for the application of the studding. Each individual stud is applied by hand, using a special studding hammer. It can be a time-consuming process, as there are a minimum of 250 of these used on each of our sofas. As you can see, we take great pride in the quality of our product. We only ever use the finest materials because that is what our customers demand, and we construct our Chesterfield range in the traditional way. Of course, should you want your Chesterfield sofa higher, deeper or lower, we can accommodate that. We will always endeavour to comply with your every wish, and deliver the sofa of your dreams.]]>