Goodbye Reality TV; hello chesterfield sofas

Chesterfield Sofa

What can you say about the new Channel 4 reality TV show Hotel GB? Not a lot really, except we’re loving the traditional leather chesterfield sofas on show each night. Thank goodness they’re there too: it’s probably the one redeeming part of the programme. To call it a jumbled mess of ideas as suggested by the Guardian is perhaps being kind. The truth is it’s a pastiche of everything that was bad and wrong about reality TV shows of the past. If anyone comes out of the series with any shred of credibility left intact, other than Mary Portas, then it will be a surprise. Still, looking on the bright side it only lasts a week, and that means we get three more nights to stare in wonderment at a roomful of chesterfield sofas. What’s not to love about that? Nothing at all, except you might want to mute the sound.

We shouldn’t really be all that surprised when we see chesterfield sofas on TV. After all it’s only ‘art’ imitating life. You’d be hard-pushed to go into many bars and restaurants these days without seeing a leather chesterfield sofa. It always used to be said that they were ubiquitous: well, the truth is now they really are. What was a surprise, however, were the number of chesterfield sofas and chairs on show in the Gok Wan bar. We counted at least 6 lovely leather chesterfield sofas and probably 4 or more traditional leather chesterfield chairs. Is that overkill in such a small space? Well, possibly but it certainly made us feel at home: it was like another day in our chesterfield sofa workshop.

Still, normal service will no doubt be resumed next week when we return to the Costume Drama or Embarrassing Body format, so in the meantime enjoy the moment. Drink in the chesterfield sofa excess and luxuriate in the sight and smell of the soft, sumptuous leather settees like the guests in the bar are obviously doing. Something must be persuading them to stay where they are. The company can’t be that great, so the sofas must be really comfortable.