In every episode there’s been a sneaky peak of a chesterfield sofa or a piece of chesterfield-inspired furniture. Last night’s episode included a chesterfield-inspired chaise longue for instance. But, if you’re looking for the piece de resistance, then it would have to be episode one. The star of the show that night was undoubtedly the gold chesterfield settee: some might view it as gaudy and tasteless, but we have to say that we were really taken with it. There’s nothing wrong with a bit of bling after all. ordering your chesterfield sofa The gist of the plot was that the gang set out to con a man who made a living out of conning others, particularly the elderly and the vulnerable. Dexter Gold, played by actor Paterson Joseph, was a fast-talking, smooth-dressing wide boy who ran a cash-for-gold exchange, designed to part the old and the vulnerable from their precious treasures in return for a pittance. Oh, and he also acted as a middle-man for a stolen gold bullion ring, and knew some rather dubious enforcers who would do anything for a few bob. Anyway to cut a long story short, the gang set up Dexter to take some stolen fake Libyan bullion in exchange for millions, and ended the episode with a wad of ill-gotten cash, and managed to re-unite some old dear with her treasured gold jewellery. What really stood out in the episode though, was Dexter’s gold chesterfield sofa. What a beauty it was: tasteless – no doubt, eye-catching – certainly. Now normally we wouldn’t really be that taken with something so showy and vulgar, but it was truly extraordinary. Would we ever have one of these gold traditional sofas in our homes? Well, probably not if we’re honest, but then again we doubt whether we could afford one even if we wanted to. The chesterfield sofa was apparently covered in gold leaf-faced leather, so that would take it beyond the budget of most of us, and probably not make it the most comfortable piece to sit on. Still, as chesterfield settees go, this was definitely the gold standard. Elegant and graceful, like traditional chesterfield sofas are meant to be, but vulgar and brash at the same time. The perfect sofa for a character who appreciated all the ephemeral things in life: money, showiness and spectacle. Naturally, he got his comeuppance as you would expect, and ended up severely out of pocket. But, it’s always best to look on the bright side. He may have lost a shed load of cash, but at least he managed to keep hold of the chesterfield sofa. So he shouldn’t be complaining too much, should he?]]>