Everyone loves a chesterfield sofa, except BBC Breakfast

Chesterfield Sofa

Broadcasting reached another landmark moment last week when the BBC Breakfast sofa celebrated its 30 year anniversary. Well, actually it was the programme, not the sofa, but that’s a minor matter. As far as we’re concerned the sofa should’ve been the star. It’s still going strong, unlike many of the presenters. Who can forget Frank Bough, Selena Scott, the Green Goddess and David Icke? Well, the answer apparently is most of us. You can’t say that about the sofa. It’s gone through many incarnations over the last 30 years and was removed completely at one stage when the programme opted for a more formal news set, but it’s a survivor. So, we wish a happy birthday to the BBC Breakfast programme and look forward to many more celebrations in the future.

Is there anything we would change? Well, we’d rather see a chesterfield sofa in there, of course. In our opinion it should’ve been in there right from the start. The programme was always meant to be representative and portray all that Britain stood for, and let’s face it; sofas don’t come any more British than the chesterfield sofa. So, it seems like a bit of an oversight not to include it, but the BBC moves in mysterious ways as we know. What can we look forward to in the next 30 years, assuming the BBC still exists in its current form? Well, the jury’s out on that one. We guess we’ll still have the two main presenters, a bit of sporting news and weather and travel updates, but it might be forced to re-invent itself in the face of strong competition from the other channels. So, our advice to the BBC is if it wants to increase its breakfast viewing figures, then do what many households in Britain are currently doing and ship in a chesterfield sofa at the earliest available opportunity.

People love their chesterfield sofas: they’re iconic and quintessentially British. Just imagine how much more gravitas Bill Turnbull and Susannah Reid would have if they were broadcasting on a leather chesterfield settee every morning. We don’t know about you, but we’d certainly take them more seriously. We find that generic fabric-covered sofas don’t really hit the spot: they’re just chairs at the end of the day. What we need is a sofa with character; a sofa with a history, a tradition and genuine class. The chesterfield sofa ticks all of those boxes. So, ditch the fabric and bring on the leather chesterfield sofa. Give us a breakfast sofa that not only looks great but genuinely reflects the greatness of Britain.