Oprah Winfrey show; there simply isn’t a middle ground. It’s a bit like Marmite in that respect. Mind you, the American population seems to be smitten, and consequently the actress, turned TV presenter, has made a small fortune off the back of it. It’s the show that can attract all the biggest names in politics, sport and showbiz, so it doesn’t really come as too much of a surprise that the next guest who’ll be put under the spotlight is disgraced Tour de France winner, Lance Armstrong. Whether he justifies what he’s done and brazens it out, or whether he has a Tiger Wood’s epiphany remains to be seen. What we’ll be keeping our eyes on is what chairs they’ll be sitting on. Let’s just hope that Oprah also has an epiphany and brings back the chesterfield sofa and chairs. It’s strange how you can chart the rise of a programme and judge its level of success based on the quality and quantity of furniture used on the set. In the early days Oprah interviewed her guests on wicker stools – mind you, it was probably too early in the programme’s journey to justify spending any more. It then progressed onto wooden chairs, and then sofas. You know you’ve hit the big time when they wheel in the leather sofas and chairs, but you really know when you’ve become a fixture when they bring on the leather chesterfield sofas and chairs. When she interviewed Justin Timberlake we couldn’t take our eyes off the screen. The leather chesterfield chairs were magnificent: no wonder the audience was cheering. Sadly, we’ve now progressed onto rather boring plain white leather sofas, and the fact of the matter is, it just isn’t the same. So, have pity Oprah. Bring back the chesterfield chairs. If you do we definitely promise to watch the programme again. Besides which, it makes perfect sense. If you’re going to interview the most famous people on the planet – good and not so good, then shouldn’t you be giving them the opportunity to sit on possibly the most iconic piece of furniture around? It’s been a firm favourite for a couple of hundred years and is still as popular as ever. Don’t your guests deserve the very best? Don’t they deserve to sit back and relax on a leather chesterfield sofa whilst you tease out all their deepest and darkest secrets? Go on Oprah – do us a favour.]]>