Chesterfield Wingback Chairs

  • Windsor Leather Chesterfield Wing Chair

    Windsor Chesterfield Wingback Chair

    Pictured with a buttoned back, but can also be supplied with a buttoned seat and arms or a plain back.

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  • Balmoral Leather Chesterfield Wing Chair

    Bolton Chesterfield Wingback Chair

    The Bolton Chesterfield Scroll Wingback Chair is a classic chesterfield design, and exudes style, elegance and comfort.

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  • Mad Hatter Chesterfield Wingback Chair

    Mad Hatter Chesterfield Wingback Chair

    Standing at just under six feet tall, out Mad Hatter Chesterfield Wingback Chair is a striking as it is tall.

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  • Balmoral Chesterfield Wing Chair

    Balmoral Chesterfield Wingback Chair

    This is shown with the buttoned arms and wings, and a buttoned back, but can also be supplied with plain arms and wings and/or a plain back.

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  • Derwent Leather Chesterfield Wing Chair

    Derwent Chesterfield Wingback Chair

    Our Derwent contemporary Chesterfield wingback chair exudes style and class.

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  • Hampshire Leather Chesterfield Wingchair

    Hampshire Chesterfield Wingback Chair

    Pictured with traditional claw feet, this wing chair adds style and class to any room.

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  • Suffolk Leather Chesterfield Wingchair

    Suffolk Chesterfield Wingback Chair

    With a more upright posture and slightly higher than usual seat height, our Suffolk Wingback Chair makes it easier to get in and out of.

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  • Colchester Leather Chesterfield Wing Chair

    Colchester Chesterfield Wingback Chair

    The Colchester Chesterfield Wingback Chair is available with either a flat or fully-studded facing.

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Chesterfield Wingback chairs offer a wonderful individual seat with the luxury of a high back and the ‘wings’ that were traditionally designed to keep heat in the seat and prevent drafts before the wonders of central heating. Nowadays however, they simply offer a gorgeous and elegantly designed chair that is just begging to be sat in.

Our range of Chesterfield wingback chairs bring absolute comfort and opulence into your home.

We hand-craft all our Chesterfield wingback chairs on-site in our Lancashire workshop. Each piece, whether it’s a fabric chair or a more classic leather Chesterfield wingback chair is skilfully and lovingly made from the finest materials such as full leather hide, which gives a far superior and consistent finish than other cheaper imitations.

All our wingback chairs are made to order, so if the standard specifications aren’t quite to your requirements then we can make you a completely bespoke chair that will be the perfect addition to your home.

Why not sink into our range of Chesterfield Wingback Chairs and see what takes your fancy.

Call us on 0800 035 9889 or 0161 341 0398 if you have any questions or queries with your order.

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