It’s been interesting to watch just how much tastes changed and how opinions evolved over the course of the previous 5 series of Mad Men. That can probably be put down mainly to the ‘revolutionary’ nature of the 1960’s. Some of the issues were challenging and forced the likes of Don Draper, Pete Campbell and Roger Sterling to wrestle with some of their prejudices and preconceptions about race and equality through a decade of intense change: other issues thankfully proved to be less of a challenge, apart from litter disposal. Thankfully the one constant in this shifting landscape was the leather chesterfield sofa. Then again, some things don’t need to change as they’re simply perfect as they are. The swinging 60s may be long gone and the balance of power may have shifted from Madison Avenue to digital channels, but the chesterfield sofa remains the one and only enduring constant. It’s hardly surprising when you think about it, because you just can’t beat a good product. The cast may have got bored with their wives or husbands, been unhappy with how much they earned or dissatisfied with how influence they yielded, but we’re pleased to see they were loath to change their furniture. We don’t think you can blame them really. After all, how can you replace a classic or improve on such a beautiful piece of furniture? The truth is you can’t. Class is permanent. Times will always change and styles and fashions will revolve with the winds, but classic furniture design will always endure. We’re not sure whether the Duke of Chesterfield had any idea that he’d given birth to such an iconic piece of furniture all those centuries ago, but we’re certainly glad he made the call. If he wasn’t already ennobled, we’d lead the petition to get him knighted.]]>