Still, he did make one valid point, and that was he wants to create not just a generation but a nation of aspiration. Yes you could see it as political-speak for doing nothing other than what you’re already doing, but it still sounds good to us. We all want to aspire to bigger and better things, don’t we? We all want to improve our lives and earn sufficient money to satisfy our expectations. The only thing we would say is that it isn’t always necessary to buy bigger and better: some things are just fine as they are. Take the chesterfield sofa for example. It’s iconic and much-loved by the nation already. Why bother aspiring to anything else, when what we already have fits the bill perfectly? Chesterfield sofas have been a design classic for centuries, and are as popular now as they’ve ever been. The bold lines and gentle curves of the classic leather chesterfield settee mean that it will remain a firm favourite for years to come. If there has been a change over the last few years, it’s simply that traditional chesterfield sofas are now more affordable than ever before. They’re no longer reserved for board rooms and hotels, but within the price range of all of us. Fortunately reduced prices don’t mean reduced quality. Our chesterfield sofas are still made by hand in the traditional way. The Chesterfield Sofa Company only uses the finest woods and leathers in the construction of our class-leading chesterfield furniture. We insist on the best because we know that what our customers demand. The one thing we can say with certainty is that if you are aspiring to own one of our fine chesterfield sofas, then you won’t be disappointed when you take delivery.]]>