Ah, but you may ask, what type of chesterfield sofa should I choose? With so many styles and choices available, how do you know which one is right for you? Well, that’s not quite so easy to answer. Everyone will have their own individual tastes and preferences. Some people are consumed with a passion for a leather chesterfield sofa, whilst others would kill for a beautiful fabric-covered chesterfield settee. Some are traditionalists at heart, whilst others have more contemporary tastes. Whose tastes win the day? Well, that unfortunately is a question we can’t answer. The best we can do is provide you with an unparalleled choice of sofas, styles and coverings and then let you fight it out: the last man standing wins the argument. So what choices can we offer our customers? Well, how long have you got? We can offer our customers 16 different styles of chesterfield sofa, from the more traditional Bolton, Coniston, Gladstone, Windemere, Windsor and Oxford ranges, to name but a few, right through to our contemporary range of chesterfield sofas like the Durham, Virgin Media and Big Brother settees. As if that wasn’t enough choice, we can also offer the choice of 100 different leather coverings as well as a range of over 2,000 different fabric sofa coverings and faux furs. Now we realise that such an extensive range of sofas and coverings will probably only add fuel to domestic arguments, but we pride ourselves on being the honest broker. It’s your choice after all, and an important one at that. What we can offer is help and advice. We can’t make the choices for you, but what we can do is to help you make sure you make the right choices. So, if you’re looking for that dream sofa, then you know what to choose, and where to come. Nobody does chesterfield sofas like the Chesterfield Sofa Company.]]>