It’s an odd national trait when you think about it. We look for fault and then try to change things, even when things aren’t broken. We’re sometimes guilty of making changes for the sake of making changes. This week the National Health Service and the GCSE will be the subjects of change, next week who knows? In two or three years’ time the other lot will get the vote and reverse the changes. It’s actually just a merry-go-round. Thank goodness then for the good old British classic – the traditional chesterfield sofa. Let’s thank our lucky stars that we have such an iconic piece of furniture. David Bowie may be one of this summer’s heroes, but we’d suggest you forget his calls for changes: we aren’t facing any strain, and don’t necessarily want to be richer men. We’re quite happy with what we’ve got thank you. We’ve got our classic British sofa: what more could we want? Why on earth would we ever want to change or alter our beloved chesterfield sofa, when what we have is already perfect? Now ‘perfect’ might seem a strong word to use, but we stand by it. How can you judge perfection objectively? Well, we believe if a product is perfect it will sell and keep on selling. If it has faults it won’t. Traditional leather chesterfield sofas have been selling for over two centuries and are now more popular than ever before, and there’s a reason for that. Well actually there are two: quality and price. Chesterfield sofas are refined, elegant and remarkably good looking and are constructed from the finest quality raw materials by skilled craftsmen. They ooze quality from every pore of their leather upholstery. Chesterfield sofas are also now more affordable than ever, and are no longer the preserve of the rich or famous. We believe every home should have one. So, whilst we wouldn’t recommend change for change’s sake, what we would say is that if you’re thinking about making a change, then we’d suggest the only change you need to make is to buy a chesterfield sofa. Owning a timeless British classic has never been easier or more affordable.]]>