chesterfield sofa, and let’s face it last Friday night’s Graham Norton show didn’t disappoint. The show may have featured a stellar cast of celebrities, but it wasn’t Hollywood ‘A-listers’ Jennifer Aniston, Dustin Hoffman, Judie Dench and Jason Bateman that caught our eyes, and it wasn’t Olly Murs either: it was the lovely velvet chesterfield sofa that opened and closed the show. Alright so it wasn’t the same sort of sofa that used to feature in the NBC Central Perk set, but that’s beside the point. Anybody highlighting that is just nit-picking. Friends may arguably be one of the most popular TV sitcoms ever broadcast, but the point is it should’ve featured a chesterfield settee. We all know that in our hearts. If you base a show on character, then surely the sofa that’s central to the plot should have character too; and let’s face it few items of furniture can ever compete with a lovely old leather chesterfield sofa when it comes to character. If you’re lucky enough to own a leather chesterfield sofa then you’ll know they age beautifully. The older and more battered they get, the better they look in our opinion. All the lines and creases they develop over a life time just enhance their aesthetic appeal and add to their character. Now far be it from us to cast aspersions on any of Friday night’s cast, but you wouldn’t necessarily say the same sort of thing about film stars, would you? How many female A-listers have you ever seen with lines and creases? Not many we can bet, and that’s because growing old is not something to be welcomed. Hollywood is the home of eternal youth, albeit with a little bit of surgical assistance and a touch of Botox. Wrinkles are just not in the script. But as far as we’re concerned you can keep your eternal youth; we’d much rather have the lived-in and lived-on look. Chesterfield Sofas are meant to be used, so enjoy them and treat them like your best friend. Yes they’ll grow old and eventually start to show their age, but their inner beauty remains. Unlike some people you might know they’ll always be there for you. ]]>