If you missed the two superstars of the furniture world, then keep your eyes peeled and watch the current TV advertisements that are being aired on our screens in the run-up to the event. Believe us, you can’t miss them. Rowan Atkinson introduces this year’s bonanza sat on a rather fetching brown leather chesterfield wingback chair, whilst in the body of the trailer you’ll see a handsome and appropriately-coloured red velvet chesterfield settee. You may not recognise all of the cast who’ll be offering their services on the night, but you’ll be certain to recognise the chesterfield sofa. Comic Relief can boast 25 years of continuous service: chesterfield sofas can match that and up the ante by more than 10-fold. This got us wondering – why do so many advertisements rely on chesterfield sofas? We’ve seen them in perfume adverts, jewellery adverts, lifestyle adverts and latterly car advertisements and alcohol ads. If you missed the last two, then take a look at the new Vauxhall Adam advert and the latest offering by Bulmer’s cider. So what’s the appeal of a chesterfield? Why do so many companies feature them in their ads? After much scratching of heads we’ve come up with the following answer – because they can. The products share nothing in common, other than being promoted on TV, and they all will appeal to different audiences. They all are trying to promote a particular lifestyle, whether that’s young and trendy, successful and affluent or sober and responsible. What common denominator could they chose? Well, that’s a given – the chesterfield sofa: it fits the bill perfectly. It can be whatever you want it to be and has an appeal which crosses all the generations. Young affluent and driven people want them, those who’ve already fulfilled their potential have bought them and those who are comfortable and settled in their ways own them too. What could be more appropriate? So enjoy Comic Relief night, and donate generously, and big-up the chesterfield sofa: 260 years plus of history and still going strong.]]>