Chesterfield sofas: style and substance

Chesterfield Sofa

At the centre of every home should be a sofa. It’s the focal point after all, and it’s the one place where the family gravitates to every day. So, by definition, it has to be practical, hardwearing and durable. But that doesn’t mean your family settee has to be utilitarian? Just because it may function as a workhorse doesn’t mean it needs to look like one. Why own a workhorse when you can own a thoroughbred? Let’s face it, if you’re going to have to look at it for the next decade or so, it’s only fitting that it should look good and feel great. So what’s the best type of sofa in these circumstances? Which sofa has both style and substance? Well, there can only be one answer to that question, and that’s the iconic chesterfield sofa. One of Chesterfield Sofas classic sofas will deliver on every front. They’re made by time-served craftsman from the finest materials available, and with love and care they’ll only look better with age. What’s not to like?

A chesterfield sofa is infinitely adaptable. It will look equally good in a traditional or contemporary setting. It doesn’t matter whether you live in a suburban semi or a city centre loft apartment, chesterfield sofas will blend in seamlessly. They bring an added style which complements your own style. It doesn’t matter whether you choose traditional leather or a contemporary fabric covering; your chesterfield sofa will still turn heads.

Of course there’s no reason why you need to stick with standard fabrics. If you’re feeling more romantic and want to bring out your feminine side, then there’s little to match the beauty of a luxurious velvet chesterfield sofa. If you love nature, but are conscious of conserving its beauty, then why not think about an artificial fur covering. They’re fun, they’re soft and they’re just as cuddly as the real thing. From brown cow and brown seal to chinchilla and zebra, our range of sophisticated fun furs will bring out the animal in you.

If you’re looking for the sofa to sit at the heart of your home, then there can really only be one choice, and that’s the chesterfield sofa. It’s been at the heart of the home for a couple of centuries or more, and remains as iconic today as ever.