Chesterfield sofas star in BBC Costume dramas

It’s not just a recent phenomenon either. The Beeb has been using Chesterfield sofas and chairs in its programmes for ages now. They’ve cropped up in ‘Luther’ and ‘Torchwood’, not to mention ‘East Enders’, ‘New Tricks’, ‘Restoration Home’ and countless other programmes. What does this tell you? Well, apart from the BBC maybe being thrifty, it also tells you just how versatile Chesterfield furniture is. Chesterfield sofas have a unique quality, and that’s that they can fit in naturally with any surroundings or decorative scheme. It doesn’t matter if the programme is based in the eighteenth, nineteenth, twentieth or twenty first century: the classic Chesterfield settee looks equally at home. It’s the same in domestic homes too. A Chesterfield sofa will sit comfortably in a traditionally decorated home or a stark modern apartment. They’re comfortable, infinitely versatile and ooze class and sophistication. Is it any wonder our national broadcasting channel uses them so frequently?]]>

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