The world’s fastest man can fill a stadium on his own and definitely has the ability to put bums on seats. The same thing can undoubtedly be said for chesterfield sofas. They, too, put derrières on seats, but the one important difference is that they keep them there too: the thrill and pleasure that comes with owning a traditional chesterfield sofa will certainly last a lot longer than 9.63 seconds. A chesterfield sofa has staying power, so if we are to persist with the sporting analogy, maybe it’s more akin to Mo Farah. We all appreciate sporting endeavour, and have marvelled at some of the achievements of the athletes we’ve seen over the last week. We’ve celebrated the unprecedented success of the Brits, and have been witness to moments of historic sporting importance with the performances of athletes like Michael Phelps and Oscar Pistorius. It’s only fitting that we should applaud these achievements. However, perhaps we should also take the time to laud and celebrate that other great British institution, the chesterfield sofa. It too has the class and pedigree of Usain Bolt, and the long-lasting endurance of our Mo, but it’s also got that one extra-special ingredient that sets it apart: it’s got form and history. Chesterfield sofas have been contenders for a couple of centuries now and are still performing as well as ever. Traditional chesterfield sofas really do have staying power. They were around in 1908, 1948 and in 2012, and will still be gracing us with their presence should London be lucky enough to be chosen to host an extravaganza in another 60 years’ time. If that isn’t worth a sprinkle of gold dust, then we don’t know what is?]]>