Chesterfield sofas: sofas don’t come much tougher than this

When the would-be chefs retire to the judging room while John and Gregg deliberate, they’re presented with a series of assorted sofas and chairs to relax on whilst their fate is determined. During this make or break time, which could hardly be described as ‘relaxing, ’we can’t help but feel that the reassurance of a welcoming and classic chesterfield sofa might have been more comforting. There’s nothing wrong with the sofas, per se, but they’re just not chesterfields. We don’t think we’re asking too much of the show’s producers. We’re not insisting on leather chesterfield sofas or velvet chesterfield settees – we’re not even demanding a chesterfield tub chair either: all we’re asking for is any chesterfield sofa of any description. It’s not like a chesterfield sofa isn’t appropriate, is it? Chesterfield sofas are attractive, comfortable, stylish and hard-wearing. They’ll earn their keep during the course of the show. In fact, they’re so tough you’d be able to wheel them out for next series too. If we’ve got one message to send out to BBC execs, it’s this; please put a chesterfield sofa in the next series, because sofas don’t come much tougher than this.]]>

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