The question is why? What makes so many of our public establishments choose the traditional leather chesterfield sofa in preference to any other piece of furniture? Well, that’s simple really. A leather chesterfield settee isn’t just an iconic piece of British craftsmanship; it’s also practical, sturdy, resilient and easily cleaned. That’s particularly important when you consider the amount of traffic most bars and restaurants receive over the course of a year. These businesses thrive by putting bums on seats. Now if you really want a seat you can rely on, then the chesterfield sofa is the seat of choice. But what about our Germanic cousin’s favourite crooner? What made Mr Hasselhoff choose a chesterfield sofa as the centre piece and focal point of his stylish LA home? Well, he could well have been thinking about robustness and practicality when he bought the sofa, but one suspects those considerations might not have been at the top of his agenda. No, he’s gone on record as saying he wanted to design a room around a stylish and beautiful piece of furniture. All we can say is hats off to the Hoff: you couldn’t have picked a more iconic piece if you’d tried. Is there a moral to this particular tale? Well, yes, in a sense there is. Whether you’re looking for style or practicality when choosing your next sofa, we think you’ll find that a traditional leather chesterfield sofa ticks all the boxes. It will look superb in any room setting, whether your tastes are classic or modern, and it’s built to last. All that’s required from you is a little TLC. If you look after your chesterfield settee if will look after you and yours for years to come.]]>