What we see isn’t talent per se: it’s simply people chasing their 5 minutes of fame, and frankly we’ve seen more than enough of that. So is our nation doomed? Have we really not got talent? Well, actually we have: the problem is that we often fail to recognise it. Britain is the home of the iconic chesterfield sofa. So how’s that a talent you might ask? Well, it is because you have to be a talented craftsman to produce one. The one big difference is that the traditional chesterfield sofa doesn’t just show promise and potential: it actually delivers on these promises over and over again. When you buy British, you generally know you’re buying a quality product that has been made with great care and attention to detail. It’s that same sort of commitment to detail and quality that we try to put into every leather chesterfield sofa and chesterfield chair we build at our company. We use only the finest quality materials, like seasoned timbers and full-hide superior leathers, and then team this with traditional, time-served British craftsmanship. We continue this attention to detail throughout the construction process and even hand-nail every stud to guarantee quality assurance. We care about the quality of the final product we create, because we know that’s exactly what our discerning customer’s demand. When you buy one of our made-in- Britain chesterfield sofas you know you can trust it. You know you’ll be getting a high-quality product. Every one of the Chesterfield Sofa Companies sofas and settees are manufactured to the highest possible standards. We’ve set our benchmark to such an incredibly high standard that we doubt any of our regional competitors could match us in terms of quality or price. Our time-served craftsmen produce visually stunning and timeless chesterfield sofas and settees that will last for generations and only improve with age. We have got the talent: maybe it’s time we started to recognise it.]]>