Chesterfield sofas: pretty in pink, yet solid as a rock

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Do you think of objects as people or beings? Yes we appreciate it might sound faintly ridiculous, but it’s something we all do occasionally. We attribute human feelings and emotions to inanimate objects. Don’t believe us? Well how many of you refer to your car as the ‘old boy’ or the ‘old girl’; how many of you have given yours a name?  We think you’ll find the answer is more than you’d think. For one reason or another most of us associate certain objects with gender. It doesn’t matter how rational we like to think we are; we’re all guilty occasionally. So, why shouldn’t we apply the same sort of logic to chesterfield sofas?  Why shouldn’t we think of them in terms of gender? Well, there’s absolutely no reason. So, with that philosophy in mind, here’s a question for you. Is your chesterfield sofa male or female, or somewhere in between? Answers on a post card please…..

Making a case for a masculine sofa is easy, particularly with the chesterfield sofa. Traditional Chesterfield sofas are solid, dependable, reliable, strong and business-like: the sort of characteristics any male would be proud of. Why else would you see so many chesterfield sofas in banks, offices, solicitors and reception areas?

What’s the case for the feminine chesterfield sofa? Well, that’s even easier to argue. Chesterfield sofas are classically curved, with sweeping arms and an arched back. Leather covered chesterfield settees are soft and supple and have an understated elegance, charm and a subtle poise. Their femininity doesn’t depend on the colour of the leather or fabric either. Generally a contemporary red leather can be just as alluring and feminine as a traditional brown: it’s shape and form that matter. Yet we’d have to say that particular rationale goes out the window when it comes to pink leather. Pink leather is most definitely female. Even the crustiest and most curmudgeonly amongst us would have to say that this traditional chesterfield sofa looks incredibly pretty in pink, though no doubt men would also argue that they’re also solid as a rock.

Is there a moral to any of this? Well, in a sense, yes, there is, though it might appear a little tenuous to the uninitiated. The moral is that a chesterfield sofa can be anything you want it to be – male, female, neither or both. What’s important is that these sofas are so versatile and stylish, that they can and will fit in and blend with every different type of decoration scheme. Whether your style is old, new, vintage, retro, traditional, contemporary, colourful or monochrome, your male/female chesterfield sofa will never look out of place. How many other items of furniture can you say that about?