Chesterfield Sofas? When we found out they weren’t we’d pull the plug on the idea there and then. Let’s be honest as a concept it doesn’t make sense, does it? Who would choose to watch a programme like that, especially if there wasn’t a beautiful Chesterfield Sofa to look at? Well, the answer is millions of people actually: millions who tune in religiously to watch their favourite families chew the fact over the week’s televisual offerings. As a concept it might leave a lot to be desired, but as a product it delivers. It delivers because of the casting and the characters involved, and at the end of the day it’s all about character. You only have to watch the show to see that the Tapper, Malone, Moffat, Michael, Siddiqui and Woerdenweber families have got character in abundance. Even Silent Jay hits the spot though he doesn’t actually say anything. Leon and June, Sandy and Sandra, Stephen and Chris, Rev Kate and Graham, Bill and Joseph, Steph and Dom and even Buster the dog are some of the best characters to grace or TV screens for ages. We love their single-mindedness, grumpiness and opinionated views. They light up our screens every Friday night, and long may it continue. It’s just a shame the same can’t be said for their sofas. None of the sofas on display has character. None of them has the sort of pedigree you get from a Chesterfield sofa. They’re just bland and boring: really they’re just something to sit and watch TV on. We’d love to see more Chesterfield settees on Gogglebox. After all, the key concept of the show is the sofa, so why not use the best sofa you can get your hands on – sofas which are perfect for people who ‘goggle’. Chesterfield sofas are classy and refined, so they’d be tailor-made for Steph and Dom’s drawing room; yet they’re also tough and resilient so could withstand anything the families or their pets could subject them to. Gogglebox is just crying out for a leather chesterfield sofa. Its sleek sophistication would just put the icing on the cake. The only drawback we could envisage is that it they might actually become the stars of the show. As much as we love the curmudgeonly, Leon, and the ever-patient, June, we hazard a guess that even they might have to play second fiddle to a handsome chesterfield sofa. ]]>