We’re used to seeing traditional chesterfield sofas in home makeover programmes: in fact our products have featured in them when they were used on ITV’s 60 Minute Makeover programme. But to see a full range of chesterfield products was unusual to say the least. First up came the L’Oreal advert for a new shampoo featuring Bollywood actress Sunan Kapoor seductively draped over a lovely button-backed purple chesterfield chaise. This was followed by the new eBay advert you may have seen which prominently features a lovely reproduction leather chesterfield settee. Next up came the advert for the new PS Vita featuring lots of lively and over-enthusiastic young men jumping around on a chesterfield sofa wildly waving their consoles, and finally came the classic Virgin TiVo advert featuring former ‘Hustle’ and ‘Mad Men’ actor, Mark Warren. If we were forced to pick just one of the chesterfield sofas, then this is the one we’d probably plump for as it’s a thing of real beauty with flowing, elegant lines and delicate curved arms. We wouldn’t mind one of those in our living room we could tell you, though we could probably take or leave the actor. What does all of this tell you about chesterfield sofas? Well, in truth not a lot, other than television execs and advertisers know how to sell things. They know when they’re on to a winner and that’s why they’ve decided to feature a product that sells time after time. Chesterfield sofas and chairs don’t just have form and pedigree; they’ve also got history and can boast an appeal that is cross-generational. They can be equally at home in a young person’s living room as they can in an elegant Parisian boudoir. Whatever product you may want to sell, there’s always room for a chesterfield sofa in there somewhere. And why not: if you’ve got it, then flaunt it.]]>