Chesterfield sofas – I bet you didn’t know that?

  • The average life expectancy of a sofa is 8 years, 1 month and 8 days. Traditional Chesterfield sofas can last a lifetime.
  • The average sofa will witness 293 arguments, 1,300 cuddles and suffer 1,600 spillages during its lifetime.
  • The centre piece of your home will play host to the backsides of 782 visitors, and will withstand 391 lads’ nights and 293 girl’s nights in.
  • A sofa will double as a bed for 489 visitors during its lifetime, and be slept on by one household member for 293 nights following a domestic spat.
  • The sofa is the place where family members gather for over 4 hours every day.
  • The average child will lose 4 toys a month down the back of the sofa and 3 socks or other random items of clothing.
  • Owners will discover money inside the sofa up to 3 times a month and this could add up to £176.04 during the course of a sofa’s lifetime.
  • The average sofa has wine spilt on it once a fortnight, and tea or coffee three times a week.
  • Children will on average drop food on the sofa 72 times each year. Their parents aren’t much better, dropping some of their dinner up to 6 times a month.
  • The average sofa is subject to a staggering 1,663 spillages over its lifetime, yet 87% of the people who responded would never consider getting it cleaned or re-covered.
  • The average sofa withstands a child jumping up and down on it 587 times during its useful life.
So, when you do go out shopping for that all-important piece of furniture, remember Chesterfield sofas are designed to last a lifetime and withstand all the rigours any average family can throw at them. Whether you choose a traditional leather Chesterfield, or a more modern fabric-covered Chesterfield sofa, there’s one thing you can guarantee and that’s that your trusty Chesterfield sofa will be around far longer than 8 years.]]>

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