chesterfield sofa, and Bob’s your uncle. That’s the theory Nat West are working with at least. When confidence in the banking system is at rock bottom, and banking industry has become the devil incarnate, you need to do something to regain the trust of your customers. You need to show your customers you really care, and you need to do something to reward your existing customers for their continued loyalty. What’s the best way of doing that? What’s advertising masterstroke will reap the biggest reward? Well, a YouTube video featuring a talking leather chesterfield sofa in a shopping centre is Nat West’s answer. Why a shopping centre? Why a chesterfield sofa? The message is lost on us we’re afraid. What’s the significance and relevance of a chesterfield sofa? What’s a sumptuous chesterfield settee got to do with banking? Well, we’d have to say your guess is as good as ours. We’ve racked our brains and could only come up with the fact that chesterfield sofas are strong and tough: they’re reliable and dependable and won’t let you down. Chesterfield sofas also look stunning. But other than that, we have to say the video’s message is lost on us. Reliability, dependability and beauty aren’t words that you would automatically use to describe the banking industry, particularly at this juncture. We can think of lots of others that are far more appropriate, but we doubt they’d get past the Censor. Maybe the video’s significance can only truly be appreciated by those in the know – those who work in the industry who can spot a subliminal message from a mile away. Sadly that rules us out: we wouldn’t spot a subliminal message if we fell over it. All we would say is ignore the advert, and just feast your eyes on the furniture. When it comes to advertising our chesterfield sofas we like to play with a straight bat. We don’t go in for gimmicks and subliminal messages. Life’s too short for that sort of caper. We know what our customers want and we also know how to deliver a quality product. We simply like to say it as it is in words that are straightforward and easily understood. We don’t need to search around for angles or hooks. If you want beauty, hand-crafted British quality and fantastic value for money, then buy your chesterfield sofa with confidence from the Chesterfield Sofa Company. Right we’re off to make our own YouTube video. ]]>