BBC’s latest documentary ‘Claridge’s’ earlier this week. If you did and were looking forward to getting a glimpse into how the privileged other half live, then you surely won’t have been disappointed. The luxury Mayfair hotel is opulence and indulgence personified: great, we guess, if you can afford it: galling if it’s way beyond your means. Well, the one thing you can say for certain is that the place certainly had the X Factor. What surprised us was that although it was a hotel that smacked of luxury, we couldn’t spot any signs of a chesterfield sofa anywhere. Surely, we thought, that must have been a mistake, or at least an oversight. What majestic hotel that caters for the rich and famous wouldn’t have at least one chesterfield sofa? After all, surely it’s only fitting that a great British hotel should feature a great iconic British classic? However, we’re now pleased to report that our minds have been set at rest. We’ve discovered that Claridge’s is the proud owner of several chesterfield sofas: the red velvet chesterfield sofas are tucked away in the 1930s-styled Fumour Bar, and will hopefully get the acclamation they deserve in a future episode. All is well with the world again. Now a visit to Mayfair may be beyond the pockets of most of us – well, a stay in a Mayfair hotel anyway, but that doesn’t mean we can’t spoil ourselves and give our own homes that X Factor. Just because we can’t afford to dine chez Ramsey, doesn’t mean we can’t live the high life too. All of us can add that touch of class and opulence to our living rooms with a beautifully crafted traditional leather chesterfield settee. If you’re more of a contemporary soul, then don’t despair: fabric and leather chesterfield sofas can look equally stunning in a modern contemporary setting. Chesterfield sofas are the perfect focal point for any living space and can give a room presence. The added beauty of these classic British sofas is that they don’t cost an arm and a leg either. They’re surprisingly affordable for such a quality product. So, give your own home the X Factor: forget Claridge’s: buy yourself a chesterfield sofa. It’s a decision you’ll never regret.]]>