Chesterfield sofas: for the dedicated followers of fashion

Chesterfield Sofa

As it’s almost time for Glastonbury and the endless procession of summer musical festivals, we thought we’d ask you this question this week. What have the Kinks and the humble chesterfield sofa got in common? Well, if you truly are a dedicated follower of fashion you’d know that they are both quintessentially English: as quintessentially English as any Waterloo sunset. What Ray Davies is to classic English song writing, the leather chesterfield sofa is to classic English furniture design – classy, influential and iconic. Davies took the music world by storm in the 1960s with his irreverent take on ordinary English life, whilst the chesterfield sofa took the furniture world by storm in the 1760s with a revolutionary take on English traditional design. The Kinks spoke to a generation: the chesterfield sofa speaks to all generations.

Both made their mark in their field, both built glowing reputations, both brought something new to the party, and both are just as relevant as they ever were. The only difference, we guess, is that the chesterfield sofa is still delivering its magic today, whereas the Kinks aren’t performing because of an on-going family feud – more’s the pity. Whilst other revellers are spending the ‘sunny’ afternoon sitting in the corner of an English field this summer listening to identikit bands spouting the same message, Davies will be sitting at home, hopefully on a chesterfield sofa, dreaming of performing and bringing his alternative musical vision to another generation.

We don’t have the influence to end the feud and get the Kinks performing again unfortunately, but what we can do is keep up our end of the bargain and bring you the very best handmade traditional chesterfield sofas available. Every one of our classic English chesterfield sofas is individually crafted using the finest materials. As much love and care goes into creating one of our sofas as we suspect went into a Davies-penned Kinks song. That’s how highly we rate them – the sofas, that is, though we feel the same way about the Kinks – obviously.

So, if you’ve dreamed of owning a chesterfield sofa all day and all of the night, or are tired of waiting, then all we’d say is seize the day. Order your chesterfield sofa today and it won’t be long before you’ll be lazing, hopefully on a sunny afternoon, singing you really got me. You can keep your festivals; wouldn’t you rather watch the live coverage on the box from the comfort of our own sofa whilst sipping an ice-cold beer? We suspect Ray probably would.