So what does this tell us about this iconic piece of furniture? Well, let’s just say that it merely confirms what we’ve known all along. Chesterfield sofas are perfect for all sorts of environments and living spaces. You don’t necessarily have to live in grand place like Hogwarts or an upmarket area like Notting Hill to justify owning one: a traditional chesterfield settee can look just as perfect in any living room. Whether you’re looking for a classic leather chesterfield sofa or a contemporary piece of chesterfield furniture, there’s a chesterfield that’s ideal for you and will give your home that touch of class and refinement. They are infinitely versatile and can blend in to any decorative living scheme. Chesterfield sofas are the perfect solution for the centre piece of your living room, whether the look you’re after is contemporary or traditional. They’ve certainly got the classic lines that all traditionalists require, but because they are infinitely adaptable, they fit perfectly in a modern setting too, however stark and minimal that might be. Traditional Chesterfield sofas are also timeless, and have a wonderful pedigree and history. Our chesterfield furniture is built to the most-exacting standards: from the sturdy and resilient hardwood frame to the quality fine grained leather upholstery. Our chesterfield settees are built by time-served craftsmen using traditional methods that have stood the test of time. Is it any wonder they’re renowned for lasting for generations? So if you’ve decided to take the plunge this New Year and buy a new settee, then we’d definitely recommend that you buy a chesterfield sofa. Now obviously if you have the space and unlimited resources you could buy 4 like Hogwarts, but 1 is fine by us. What we can guarantee is that you’ll never regret the decision.]]>