chesterfield sofas and classic furniture to keep the rest of us interested. Whoever would have thought it would be such hard work watching the frolicking of a group of bed-hopping intellectual aesthetes? Did people really sit around and discuss the relative merits of Childe Harold and Don Juan? Well, if the series is an accurate portrayal of life in an upper class artistic enclave, then apparently so. What’s really confusing though is that there’s little evidence of the writing and painting for which the movement is famous. Can you really do true justice to the artistic legacy of a pioneering writer/ feminist icon and a visionary painter, when ink and paint rarely make an appearance? Apparently not, if the critics are to be believed. Chesterfield sofas: every home should have one Still, if the comings and goings of Vanessa Bell, Virginia Woolf, Lytton Strachey and Duncan Grant have left you scratching your head over the last couple of weeks, worry not. Just concentrate on the furniture. Check out the chesterfield sofas. If you want an artistic legacy, then there you have it. Chesterfield sofas are as popular today as they have ever been; in fact, probably more so, as people now realise that every home should have one. Chesterfield settees are classy, sophisticated, stylish and elegant: all qualities that the Bloomsbury Group aspired to. The biggest difference between the two is that chesterfield sofas are reliable: something that wasn’t necessarily true of the ‘happy valley’ community. We do share another thing in common with the bohemian Bloomsbury set too. Colour – though ours is a little more varied than theirs. They specialised in sombre tones: it’s just a shame that their passions weren’t quite as muted as their palettes. We, on the other hand, much prefer a wider colour spectrum. We love colour and that’s why our stylish chesterfield sofas are available in a wide range of colours and styles. Reds, pinks, purples, yellows and blues; we’ve got them all. We’ve even got a large number of subtle brown and black fabrics and leathers for you to choose from should you prefer the more muted palette favoured by the Bloomsbury set. So don’t struggle to keep up with the plot when the series concludes next week. Frankly you’ll be on a hiding to nothing. Just appreciate the series for its beauty. We’d suggest that you’d be better off focusing your attention on the set itself, and particularly the regal leather chesterfield sofas. For all their artistic snobbishness, it’s good to see that the Bloomsbury contingent still appreciated class when they saw it. Artistic beauty may ephemeral, but the true beauty of classic chesterfield sofas is timeless.]]>